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Honey Vinegar with Mangosteen
400 ml

Another delicious honey vinegar from our own fermentation process. We use natural longan honey which presents a sweet and pleasant aroma followed by the add of mangosteen peels to create benefits to your health. The Xanthone found in mangosteen peels acts as natural powerful antioxidants. Excellent to enchance the immune system, lower cholesterol level and reduce a risk of heart disease.



Take 1 oz of honey vinegar with mangosteen before your meals or mix with water, juice or soda according to your own preference or sprinkle on your salad as a dressing or sauce.  


Health Benefits of Honey Vinegar with Mangosteen

- Promotes digestion system

- Detoxify your body

- Regulates pH balance

- Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol level

- Helps relieve joint pain

- Powerful antioxidants and boost up immune system

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