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Oolong Tea
100 g

Our tea leaves are cultivated and hand-picked on the famous Doi Maesalong Mountain in the northern part of Thailand. The tea leaves are well planted with our own special organic fertilizer from honey production process, offering the distinctive taste which is different from others. Once infused, the tea presents itself with a fresh natural taste followed by a subtle smooth aftertaste.



Brew in a tea pot, using boiling water at 100°C. Wait for 3 minutes. Drink when it’s hot. Add honey or lemon as desired.  


Health Benefits of Oolong Tea                                  

- Excellent source of anti-oxidants, helps detoxify your body

- Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol level  

- Speeds up metabolism

- Fights cancer and prevents heart disease

- Strengthens teeth and cures bad breath  

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