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Royal Jelly Plus Capsule
100 Capsule

A delicate blend of fresh royal jelly and natural bee larvae that has been freeze dried until water component is removed. This product contains 100% of the original nutrients; including 10-HDA (10-Hydroxy-2-decenoic acid), vitamins B complex as well as 16 minerals, 18 enzymes and 18 amino acids from royal jelly plus the high protein concentration from the bee larvae. Recommended for athletes and those who work hard or have sleep disorders.  



Take 1-2 capsules daily as a supplement before breakfast or before bedtime. 


Health Benefits of Royal Jelly Plus Capsule  

- High in Proteins

- Promotes the energy and vitality, especially for people recover from illness

- Improves brain and memory function

- Natural treatment for sleep disorders

- Balances hormones and reduces fatigue and stress, suitable for athletes or those who work hard

- Assists the body's metabolism and the maintenance of general wellbeing

- Keeps your skin smooth and youthful with its anti-aging properties

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