Our Story

      Chiangmai Healthy Product Co.,Ltd has its beginning in 1975 when Mr.Sanguan Ruengsiri and his friend, Mr.Phoathai Palakawong Na-Ayutthaya started operating apiaries with just four hives.
      From started out as a hobby, turned into a strong passion and continuously developed into
a large bee farm and become now one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of honey and
bee-related products in Thailand.

      We operate our business under “Food Safety and Quality always come first” basis with our experienced and well-trained staffs. Our plant has high standard and systemic facility management with latest production technology, and a fully equipped laboratory for quality control to ensure that all of our products are, and will always be, the best quality you can trust.

      Over the past 40 years, the company has successfully diversified from 100% pure honey production to manufacturing a huge variety of natural bee products including royal jelly, bee pollen, propolis, cosmetic items, honey vinegar and many more under the brand “Fora Bee” and also supplying a full range of beekeeping equipments to local beekeepers.
       With the guarantees by the international food standard such as GMP, HACCP, Thai FDA, USFDA and HALAL, we currently supply our products in wholesale and also do retailing at our shops and selling to supermarkets, hotels, other places across the country and overseas.
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