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Comb Honey
500 g

Comb honey is honey that comes in its most natural form. Not extracted, filtered, this product is truly fresh and delicious with the sweet taste, exactly as the bees made it. The comb is the hexagon shaped wax the bees build up and use to keep their foods including honey and pollen. This product is not only edible, but very beneficial as it contains a natural antibiotic, vitamins and minerals which helps maintains good health.



You can take a teaspoon full of comb honey and just enjoy and chew it, or spread it on toast or bread or use it as a topping on your favorite desserts or drinks.


Health Benefits of Comb Honey

- Works as natural antiseptic has antibacterial properties 

- Contains powerful antioxidants

- Strengthens the immune system

- Great source of energy, helps with fatigue or sleep disorders

- Reduces cough and throat irritation

- Promotes digestive health

- Sooths an upset stomach and gas

             - Benefits on healthy skin

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